gorgeous book...This novel shows that a loss of
life can have profound ramifications, touching
even far-flung lives. Highly recommended"
read the review from: 5 Minutes for Books

"Schmidt has the sense of place down to
perfection.It took me vividly back to my childhood."
read the review from: Kaye's Penguin Posts

"The House on Oyster Creek is an ultimate summer
read. I highly recommend this book, especially if you
love Cape Cod."
--The Scribble Pad, July Reading List
read the review from: Curled Up With a Good Book

"Here is that rare book: wise, hilarious, and heart-
breaking. A book so full of its own life,of deep, lived-life
truths, that when I put it down I was lost in my own
living room, under its spell for days.

Here is a love story and a story of a marriage. A
story of 'summer people'and townies. Of tides and the tugs
we feel toward running away, into the horizon a love affair
promises. But Schmidt runs us into new directions of the
heart. Here is no Anna Karenina, no train-wreck, but an Anna
who makes something else, much as it hurts, of her longing.

I am thrusting this book into the hands of everyone I love!"
--Sarah Blake, author of the New York Times
bestselling novel The Postmistress

"Schmidt delivers a thoughtful, realistically complicated
exploration of love, marriage, friendship, and community
in The House on Oyster Creek while perfectly capturing the
spare beauty of Cape Cod in her subtly nuanced, beautifully
crafted prose."
--Chicago Tribune, Printers Row

"...Schmidt conveys the unassailable bond of tradition in a
tightly knit community along with the ins and outs of oyster
culture. Her writing is nuanced and oh so clever as it relays
her characters' persistence in the face of life's obstacles.
Superior literary fiction."
--Library Journal

"Locals and summer people face off in Schmidt's atmospheric
romance. As soon as New Yorkers Henry and Charlotte
Tradescome inherit Henry's ancestral estate in Wellfleet, MA,
the much younger Charlotte, wanting a different life for
their young daughter, persuades her curmudgeonly husband
to move into the house and renovate it with the proceeds
from selling off a piece of the property. Charlotte finds
it tough to connect with the year-round residents, but she
does find an ally in Darryl Stead, an oysterman who farms
the waters on the property adjoining the Tradescome house.
Through helping Darryl tend his oysters, she falls in love
with the locals' down-to-earth way of life, and a little in
love with Darryl himself. But the yuppie couple who bought
the neighboring land are less charmed, and a drawn-out
legal battle ensues as they attempt to evict the oyster
farms along the point. Schmidt brings the coastal town
and its sometimes crusty inhabitants to briny life, and,
thankfully, tells a story that's larger and more satisfying
than a simple romance."
--Publishers Weekly

From The Cape Codder:"On Oysters and Love"

Read the Nantucket Independent interview

read the review from: Curled Up With a Good Book

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